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Red Anorak Ltd is on haitus until further notice. I'll keep occasionally posting to the blog, so you can check there for updates about what I'm up to.

Special thanks to my customers over the last 18 months and to all my friends and family who helped out with expertise, support and, in some cases, free labour. It's much appreciated

Feb 2015


Northern Rail Mobile Customer Information

Red Anorak have been working with Northern Rail and their existing technology partners to produce a mobile web application that will address problems of communicating with customers using stations which aren't equipped with information screens.

The result is a modern, lightweight, JavaScript application which displays real time departure boards and service announcements. Northern Rail staff can push messages and service announcements to users of the application using the same customer information systems they use to update information screens across their network.

Tech used: JavaScript (Flight.js, Jasmine etc), Firebase, HTML5, CSS, Python

This system is currently being trialled for 12 stations on Northern's Harrogate Line:


LampNote is the experimental startup that gave birth to Red Anorak. A new way to create and share local notices aiming to cater for hyperlocal use cases that social networks have been unable to address. LampNotes are geo-targeted virtual posters, which can be shared online, and printed and used as real posters

We're still maintaining the site, and a plan for its next phase is being formulated.

Tech used: Python, Django, Celery, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, Amazon Web Services(EC2, S3, SES, RDS)

Visit LampNote


LampNote on Little Printer

We dabbled with the “internet of things” on this cool LampNote side project which pushes posters onto Berg's Little Printer.

LampNote on Little Printer

Another url shortener app for django. this one is a descendent of the URL shortner used for LampNote posters, and povides (mostly) inoffensive base 27 URLs, for use in print campaigns, plain text emails etc.

Read more on Github
Font Awesome 3 to 4

The upgrade path from Font Awesome 3 to 4 was something of a nightmare. This handy python utility fixes font awesome classes in HTML and many templating languages.

Download from GitHub

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